Introduction to Freelancing

Many of you might have heard about Freelancing. In today's blog, let's talk about it. What is Freelancing? Who is a freelancer? How does it work? And many other questions related to freelancing. But let's first start with the basics and understand what it means.

Who is a Freelancer?
A self employed person who works for various clients at a time without necessarily being committed to one single employer is usually called a freelancer. A freelancer is often free to work at his own convenient time, from a place he finds comfortable. Most freelancers, these days usually prefer to work from home. A freelance worker operates as his own boss. He defines his own work based on his skill set, sets his own price and selects his own clientèle. A freelancer operates very similar to his employed counterpart, the only difference being, he can choose his own approach to work as long as he delivers the desired results within deadline.

How much does a freelancer earn?
I get this a lot. People constantly keep asking me this question. And why not? One must be curious about the potential monetary benefits one can have. Well, there's no simple answer to this. A freelancer can work for free or make millions depending on the type of work he is involved in. I know people who make as much as they would do in a regular 9 to 5 job. I also know freelancers who make at least ₹20L a month, which is only the lower limit for them. If you are willing to put in all the necessary hard work, you can make enough to buy a mansion on Sunset Boulevard.

Having said that, how much can be made through freelancing is a topic of discussion for later. We will discuss this in detail. All you need to know right now is that you can easily make more money than your employed counterpart.

What kind of jobs does freelancing offer?
Freelancing is not a single entity where you apply for suitable jobs and start working. No, absolutely not! Freelancing is a system which enables people to work on their own, make their own careers without being employed in one particular company. The name(Freelancing) itself suggests that you are free to choose the type of work you want to do. Any job that you can do as an employed professional, can be done as a freelancer. You think of a particular job, and people are already freelancing in it.

The most common freelancers you might have come across are house-maids, handymen, gardeners or sometimes even electricians. These people don't usually have a particular employer. They work on their own and find their own clients. However, in today's digital world, freelancing has been extended to almost all kinds of white collar jobs. It has now become easier to find clients online and communicate with them sitting at home. You deliver the goods via Internet and receive payment the same way. Almost any job can be done online. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

Some benefits of freelancing over a regular nine to five job are:
  1. Saves time and money; and gets rid of the hassles that come with traveling. 
  2. You can work in your pajamas or wear nothing at all. There's nobody to ask. 
  3. You negotiate your own price for the job. 
  4. There is no fixed salary. Sky is the limit on how much you can make. 
  5. No office politics. You can concentrate on your job. 
  6. Your work will be rated on merit. Not by how your boss sees you. 
Who can freelance?
Freelancing is not everyone's cup of tea. It requires determination and patience of the highest order to become successful in Freelancing. Those who keep working make it big while others don't. To answer the question, you must have minimum skills to start freelancing. One cannot just wake up one fine day and shout, 'It's a beautiful day today, let me start freelancing!'. Sure, you can start Freelancing with basic skills but it will often prolong your process of finding clients. You either start a pro or keep working constantly to become a pro.

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How to earn money Online with DollarUpload | Quick ways to make extra money Online in India

Now let me not bore you with a long unnecessary article. Here's the step by step process on How to earn money Online with DollarUpload so you can get started right away. But before I do that, let me give you a small introduction.

DollarUpload, as the name suggests, is an upload-and-earn site that pays you money when people download your content. For every download, they will pay you $1 to be precise. If you have something that you think will be downloaded by a number of people, then I promise you can make a lot of money. So, here's how to do it.

1. Create a DollarUpload account.
     a. Go to DollarUpload login page.
     b. Click on 'Login' and navigate to 'Register' tab.
     c. Fill in the required details.
     d. Check the box that says 'I agree to terms of services'.
     e. Click 'Register Now'.

2. Verify your account.
     a. Login to the email you have provided on DollarUpload.
     b. Open the mail from DollarUpload.
     c. Click the link in the email to verify your account.

3. Start uploading files.
     a. Click on the 'Files' tab on the left side of DollarUpload homepage.
     b. Click on 'Upload Files'.
     c. Click on 'Add File' and add files that you think are popular and will have more downloads. Ex: Music, videos, documents, ebooks, wallpapers, movies, scripts etc.
     d. Make sure you own the copyrights for your files otherwise you may get banned from the site.
     e. Click 'Upload'.

4. Share the file links.
     a. Click on 'Manage Files' under the 'Files' tab on the left side.
     b. Click on the file name and copy the link provided.
     c. Share the link with your friends, social media, blog, forums or anywhere else you have an audience.

You will be paid $1 for every download made. Keep in mind that downloading your own links can get you banned right away. So, what are you waiting for? Get started right away. I have also made a Youtube video so you can understand better.

Leave your comments below. Let me know how it turned out for you.

How to lead a wealthy life through blogging?

Regular 9 to 5 jobs can be absolutely hectic. And did I mention boring? Yes, they can be. Picture yourself working your butt off morning to evening with no respite and a meagre income. All for what? For someone else who is making the money? I feel ya. I’ve been there. While I used to like my job, I can’t really say that I was satisfied with it. If you find yourself in the same place, then I can tell you there are better alternatives for you. No, I’m not asking you to quit your job. I’m not even asking you to take a break and experiment other avenues.

All you need to do is invest some time. Take out some time, say a couple of hours during the weekends, from your regular schedule and find an interest. Can you do that? Yes? Great! Then in a few months’ time, you’ll be swimming in cash without putting too many efforts. And the best thing is that, in the process, you’ll find your passion. Something you’ll look forward to going to day in and day out. But of course, you must put in a little, just a little hard work initially. And I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Here’s what you have to do. Find a passion and start blogging about it. Do you have a specific interest in sports? Or do you have the passion to teach something, say music or dance? Or maybe like to watch movies or serials and contemplate about them? Or even discuss the latest fashion trends? Then start blogging about them. Study about the specific topic about your blog and post regularly. If you do it passionately enough over a period of time, you are sure to find a good viewership. And you know who likes websites with good viewership? That’s right, Google! Google will start paying you to show ads on your blog. And every time someone clicks on those ads, you know what you get. Money!

I’ve been a blogger for five years now and I know this works. But this post is not about me. Let’s talk about people who’ve grown white hair doing this. And now they’re vacationing in Europe without having to worry about ‘monthly salaries’. These are people who have started from scratch and turned their blogs into a money making machine that makes them more money in a day than any 9 to 5 job would in a month. More importantly, they love doing what they do. They have found a passion in blogging about their favorite stuff. Here are the five richest bloggers in India.

1. Anand Khandse
$72000 / month

2. Amit Agarwal
$52000 / month

3. Malini Agarwal
$30000 / month

4. Faisal Farooqui
$100000 / month

5. Rohit Saha
$25000 / month

So, what are you waiting for? Start blogging today! Have fun blogging. Feel free to write to me for any help.

How to earn money online with absolutely zero skills

Many people I know have mastered the art of leveraging their skills to earn money online. But how many do you know who can make money without having any established set of skills? You don’t think there would be any? Well, you are wrong.

In the few years of freelancing, I’ve come across a few (more than a few in fact) people who have absolutely nailed the business of earning money online without any skill. You would expect someone to code websites, write content, create designs, make illustrations, sing songs, dub voices, design interfaces or perform micro-jobs to earn a few bucks. But what if I told you that making money online doesn’t require all these skills?

Here are some examples of people who’ve made loads of money online doing something almost everyone on earth can do.

Climbing a coconut tree for $5
Meet Mr. Funnymad. From what I know, he is the most hilarious seller on Fiverr or in that case, anywhere on the internet. Mr. Funnymad doesn’t code websites, doesn’t draw designs, doesn’t write content or any other thing you might expect one to do as a freelancer. You know what he does? He climbs coconut trees for a living. And guess what? People pay him to do that. Apart from climbing coconut trees, he sings birthday songs for his clients, promotes their brand or companymessages by writing them on his belly, catches ‘fishes’ with a message from a natural stream of water and dances like a jungle man. That’s all. All he has to do is record a video of it and send it to his client.
Estimated earnings till date: ₹15 lakhs

Make someone’s wish come true by meditation
Have you ever come across a palmist telling horoscopes on the street side? Or the tarot card reader who tells your future by the type of card you pick up? Well, those things are not limited to the street these days. Gabonne, a top tier seller on fiverr, makes his living by uncursing people online. Some of his other acts include provide positive energy to his client, make one’s wish come true, send someone a healing mantra or even send someone a Buddhist monk’s chant. While we cannot confirm if his acts really work, one thing we can assure you is that his clients have given him absolutely raving reviews. He is also one of the highest rated sellers in the bizarre category.
Estimated earnings till date:  ₹ 14.5 lakhs

That’s not it. There are many others who earn money online from bizarre activities. Being your girlfriend for a day, Jesus sending you a video message, impersonating famous celebrities, blowing balloons until they pop, making fonts out of your handwriting and taking pictures of oneself are some of them. And they are not there just to have fun. Remember that while they have fun doing their job, they are also earning thousands of dollars every day.

So, you think you have a talent that will make people laugh? Or some bizarre skill that rarely anyone else would have? Doesn’t matter if it is not the usual coding or writing. If you know how to sell your talent, you are in for a treat.

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5 ways to make money if you are a music composer

Have you ever noticed that you are completely surrounded by music? Whether you’re on your way to work or from, whether you are at a party, whether you are in a temple, your favorite restaurant or even in a movie theatre, music is everywhere. Without even knowing it, you spend most of your day surrounded by music. It has surrounded you to a point where life without music will seem uninteresting. In fact, the most popular type of videos on the internet are music videos. Songs like ‘Teri Galiyan’ have crossed ten million views on YouTube. Even average Hindi songs rake up million hits. Not to mention the thousands of covers from young musicians trying to make a name for themselves.

I myself was an amateur music composer. Although, I’ve been lucky enough to know the struggles of pursuing your passion in music while struggling to make enough money for survival. Many of my musician friends underwent the same phase in life. A few of them made it big, some other few are still trying and the rest gave up. But during all these years, I have learnt one thing. It’s not necessary that you become the next Sonu Nigam to make enough dough pursuing music. You can make some good money selling music all by yourself.

If you compose music for a hobby or if you are an amateur composer but are struggling to make ends meet, then here are some useful tips for you.

CD sales
CD sales in India have drastically come down in the last decade. While the overall music sales keep skyrocketing, the total physical sales have been decreasing continuously. Having said that, CD sales still make around a billion and a half rupees in sales. If you think your music is good enough, find a producer, record an album of 6-10 songs and sell them. Given that your album is marketed well by your producer, you are sure to make a decent amount. You can also self-publish but that involves too many hassles. There are better alternatives if you are an indie artist.

Online sales
Whether you are a programmer, graphic designer or a composer, having a website is absolutely essential. Create a website to showcase your music and either stream your music or offer purchases. Anywhere between Re. 1 to Rs. 100 is a good price for a song. If the music is good enough, people will not hesitate to buy. Unlike the general public perception, a website isn’t a costly affair. All it takes is a couple thousand rupees for hosting and domain name and a few thousand more for development. A website also adds to your resume in case a producer is looking for some fresh talent.

Stream music
There are hundreds of music streaming platforms available out there. Make sure your music is available on all those platforms. You can either stream your music or display for purchase. Apart from adding to your bankroll, these streaming platforms will help you get out there in the market. If people are looking for music of your genre, these platforms will make sure they stumble upon your music. Once the purchase is made, they get the commission (a smaller part) and you keep the major chunk. It’s a win-win. Some good music streaming platforms are: SoundCloud, Reverbnation, Gaana, GrooveShark etc.

Live performances
Live performances are the heart and soul of a musician. Many musicians are good at composing but really struggle when it comes to live shows. In fact, the real talent of a musician is judged by his ability to perform live. Live shows not only help build the following among an artist’s fan base but also help make some good cash. Make sure your manager strikes a good deal with the organizers. Rs. 50000 is the minimum if your band already has a following. If you are already popular in the music circles, sky is the limit.

When you create a piece of music, you own the copyright for it. Every time your music is played in any part of the world, they are liable to pay you a sum of money. But since it is a lengthy legal process, some companies like SoundExchange have made it easy for beginners to collect royalties. Just make sure you open an account on SoundExchange. Once you do, every time someone plays your music on platforms like Pandora, Webcasters, SiriusXM Radio, Spotify, they’re bound to pay you royalties. Although Spotify is not yet available in India, I would suggest you to keep an eye on them. They’re going to be coming very soon.

Having said all that, the key to successful music, just like any other work of art, is to produce quality. The better the quality of music, better are the chances of your success. So get your rear end working on some instruments today, because your music is going to fetch you some sweet cash.

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Job scenario in India: How the word “career” has limited horizons

Engineering graduates and the curious case of unemployment
Did you know, 1.5 million (15 lakh) engineers graduate every year in India? With every coming year, the number only keeps increasing. Most by any country. But if you think that is an astonishing statistic, wait till I tell you one more. 33% of these 1.5 million i.e. around 5 lakh of them end up unemployed. Astounding, isn’t it? Even, 60% of those who manage to get a job, do not enjoy their jobs. Like most other students, they victims of succumbing to peer pressure. They’ve chosen this career path because their parents, friends, relatives and close ones have suggested so.

Funny story: 
Mom 1 and Mom 2.
Mom 1: What is your son doing these days?
Mom 2: He owns a software company in California.
Mom 1: I see.
Mom 2: What is your son doing?
Mom 1: He is working in Infosys.
Mom 2: Wow, that’s great.
Mom 1: Yes it is. Why don’t you ask your son to join Infosys too? I’m sure he’ll crack the interview!
Mom 2: ?!?!

I’m not saying getting into Infosys is a bad career option. I’m not even saying that one should move to US for better career opportunities. All I’m saying is that most of us absolutely ignorant about the opportunities we can have. I mean, the career benchmark in India is a “Project Manager at Infosys or TCS”. While being a Project Manager at such prestigious organizations is good, one must realize that there are other avenues to discover too.

Choosing a career path that you like
When I was working a few years back, I never realized what I was doing was something I really liked. Most of my friends and a few of my colleagues would constantly crib about ‘how they are tired of the rat race’, ‘Monday morning blues’, ‘how they aren’t being paid well’ etc. While I was being paid much less than them, I actually loved my job. It was exciting to wake up in the morning and looking forward to go to the office. Expecting new challenges on the job and feeling enthusiastic to overcome them. That was the nature of my job. Why? Because I had chosen a career that I took interest in. Although, it was only after I quit, I realized that.

It gave me a lot of benefits. I was never fatigued or tired. I was always enthusiastic. My productivity was always 100% and I never had quarrels with colleagues or bosses because we were working for a common objective: the company goals.

There are hundreds of career opportunities out there
In the last few years, India has produced more Engineers than it has produced job opportunities. We are facing a classic scenario of more supply and less demand. But what we fail to realize is that there are hundreds of other career opportunities just lying out there. If you are a skilled photographer, try a photography job. If you are a good programmer, try a challenging programming job. If you are a good sportsperson, pursue your career in sports. In short, assess your strengths and skills and choose a career that makes use of your skills and strengths.

With the recent overhaul of the government, it has only become easier to pursue your dream rather than eyeing a boring 9 to 5 which you despise. Eye for a career where you can showcase your skills. Where you like working as well as stay competitive. If taking orders from higher rungs of the ladder is not your cup of tea, then you can always pursue freelancing or start your own business. You can also pursue tons of online jobs that are usually not pursued by most.

More on this coming soon. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated. Comment below if you have any questions on choosing a career. We’ll be glad to help.

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How to earn money online if you have a great voice

“EA Sports, it’s in the game!” have you ever heard that voice? If you have played any online game by EA Sports, chances are you have heard it. Andrew Anthony, a journalist for The Guardian, is making tons of money sitting at home just because he was the voice behind this memorable one-liner. Why? Because he has a memorable voice. As simple as that. If you too have a great recording voice, you can make a good online earning. Here are some ideas you can follow:

1. Be a Radio Jockey (Online Radio)

It may have been exactly one hundred and twenty years since Marconi invented the Radio, but there seem to be no signs of its extinction. The radio is still as strong as the television in an age of cloud computing and fiber-optics. Before hitting the sack, while going to the office, while returning from the office, millions of people listen to the radio every day. Many even look forward to the various programs being aired on it. If you own a good voice and are a fluent speaker of any language, you have a bright future ahead of you.

2. Sell audio books

In this age of diminishing attention spans, audio books have become highly popular. It has become much easier for people to have a book ‘listened’ instead of ‘read’ while they carry on with some other important task. Multi-tasking is the way to go. People plug in their earphones and listen off a few chapters while on their way to work. If you have a great voice, you can create audio books too. All you need is a good microphone. Read, record and upload it on sites like YouTube. Once you acquire enough audience, you can earn up to $1000 a month. A very simple way to earn money online, isn't it?

3. Webinars

Webinars are nothing but seminars on the web. Web + Seminar = Webinar. There are a ton of people who look to learn something new on the internet every day. All you have to do is gain expertise on a topic and present a seminar. The topic could be anything of your choice. Programming for beginners, How to Use the Internet for People above Fifty, Cooking Classes for the Newly Wed, Dating Advice for Teenagers or anything else that you think will have a decent audience. It will require some initial hard work and a tiny bit of investment but it is one of the easiest methods of earning money online.

4. Record albums

If you have a good voice, chances are that you have good singing skills too. Even if you don’t, all it takes is a 30 day course to learn it all. Once you feel that you have enough expertise in singing, you can offer to record your voice for various music composers. Most of the music composers, especially on the internet, are extremely talented but don’t have a good voice. You can offer to provide vocals for their music and charge a nominal fee. And if you do it passionately enough, who knows, you might even end up being the next Arijit Singh.

5. Dub voice

There are plenty of film makers on YouTube as well as mainstream cinema who are constantly looking for great voices. They have great scripts, great actors but fail to record good voice overs for their characters. Many actors either lack the perfect voice or charge excessively. Offer to charge a nominal fee per hour and make loads of out of it money. The bigger the production you are working for, the more money you can make. Dub voice, earn online.

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