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Successful Freelancing With Fiverr | The First Sale/Inquiry - 104

Considering my last three blog posts, I sincerely hope by now you'd have landed your first client on Fiverr. If yes, hearty congratulations to you. If not, I am always here to help you out. In today's blog, we'll talk about your final move to land your first client. Irrespective of whether you have or have not made a client yet, this post is relevant. Unlike the previous ones, this one is going to be short. Read on.

Be Active
Here's a simple yet very important tip that no one will tell you. Be active on Fiverr. The more you are active the more are your chances of making clients. When I say 'active', I mean log onto the website spend some time. Check out gigs from other people, popular gigs, how people write their gig descriptions, how Fiverr works etc. Doing this will serve two purposes; you will get the hang of the layout as well as become an active member of Fiverr. 

Now, since you are an active member, Fiverr will eventually reward you by increasing your gig impressions. Which is amazing because more the impressions, more clicks you will get and more clicks you get, more sales you will make.

Note: The number of times your gig shows up when someone searches for your niche/category are called impressions.

Improve your profile description
Apart from gig descriptions, there is a column for self-description on your profile page. When starting out, your self-description becomes absolutely important because you still have no reviews from your clients. A potential client will go through it to find out more information about you. Your background, your expertise, your skills, your attitude and anything else that might help him/her make a buying decision. Based on my personal experience here's what you should do to improve your profile description.

- List your past experience. (Eg.: I am a professional freelance writer for the last six years.)
- List the benefits of working with you. (Eg.: I have helped various companies make sales in huge numbers with my benefit oriented writing.)
- List your expertise and niche. (Eg.: I specialize in content writing, blog writing and advertising copywriting.)
- Make it sound friendly. (Eg.: Let me know how can I help you.)

Respond promptly
Buyers usually tend to drop in a message before buying. The message is to inquire about your service and clarify details which may or may not be clear from the gig. As soon as you see a buyer inquiry, respond to it immediately. This creates an impression that you are prompt and take your work seriously. One good way to keep up to date with your Fiverr activity is to download Fiverr app on your phone/tablet and switch on the notifications. This way, whenever there is an inquiry, you will be notified. Remember, your response rate is very important.

The tips and techniques I've taught you since my first blog post are pretty much fail proof. If you follow my instructions carefully, you cannot go wrong.  It is my guarantee that you will have a client very soon if you haven't had already. Once that happens, you won't even realize when did you get yourself in a flurry of sales and offers. It will be a landslide. Believe me.

In my next blog post, I will talk about promoting your gigs to increase traffic. Hence, more sales. Until then, do take care.


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