How To Earn Money If You Have A Great Voice: India 2020

"EA Sports, it’s in the game!” have you ever heard that voice? If you have played any online game by EA Sports, chances are, you recognize that voice very well. Andrew Anthony, a journalist for The Guardian, is making tons of money sitting at home. Why? Because he delivered a memorable one-liner with his beautiful baritone voice. As simple as that.

If you too have a voice that sounds really good on record, you can easily earn money in India in 2020.

Here are some sure shot ways to make your voice earn money for you:

1. Be a Radio Jockey

Say what you will about old technology but the good old radio is still as relevant today as any other millennial invention.

Millions of people still listen to radio these days. Whether it's driving from home to office and back, a pre-sleep ritual, an early morning work-out blast or a peaceful dinner or coffee break in the office, radio is still very much a part of a billion lives.

So, if you think you have a voice good enough for the radio, go ahead and apply for a Radio Jockey job. Radio stations like Radio Mirchi, Hungama, Vividh Bharti or Big FM are constantly on the lookout for fresh voices.

Radio Jockeys earn good money working for various radio stations in India
Radio Jockey

Most of these radio stations provide professional training before they make you go on air. So, even if you are not confident enough about fluency, they'll train you to get better at it.

Apply today and kick start your career.

2. Sell audio books

In this age of diminishing attention spans, audio books have become highly popular. Many people today prefer 'listening' to books rather than 'reading'.

And why not? Isn't it much better to indulge in a story while you are washing the dishes or cutting vegetables for your mid-day meal? Most people don't have the time to sit down, relax and read a book.

Multi-tasking is the way to go in 2020.

If you have a great voice, you can create audio books too. All you need is a good microphone. Read, record and sell it as an audio-book.

Audio-books sell a lot these days.
All you need to make an audio-book is a mic and a computer.

There are a lot of popular Indian books in Hindi and other local languages, that are waiting to be converted into authentic audio-books.

You can always have a consistent stream of income converting books to audio-books. Of course, make sure you have permission from the original publisher.

3. Voice-overs for YouTube videos

We know how popular videos are on the internet. Out of all the content that goes viral on the internet, videos make up the majority.

People are watching more videos. And people are making more videos.

There are tons of content creators out there who have great content to share but don't feel comfortable speaking in front of a camera. This is where you step in.

Many YouTubers are looking for people to do voice-overs for their videos
Voice-Overs for YouTube videos

There are content creators out there looking for people who can do voice-overs for their videos.

If you have a pleasant voice, YouTube video voice-overs could be your thing. There are many artists on Fiverr making a living out of doing voice-overs for videos.

4. Record vocals for music producers

Just like in every other field out there, music too has evolved. Now most people don't need a huge recording studio and equipment worth lakhs of rupees to produce their songs. They can do it right at the comfort of their homes with the help of a laptop and an internet connection.

There are tons of similar artists on YouTube who compose some breathtaking music but can't find someone with a good voice to record vocals for them.

If you have a good singing voice, chances are you are good at singing too. You can be the voice for the next upcoming music producer.

Recording vocals for music producers can make you a lot of money
Recording for music producers
Even if you aren't good at singing, don't worry! It is an acquired skill. You can learn to sing well in 30 days with proper coaching. Or take some online courses to learn the basics of singing.

And if you do it passionately enough, who knows, you could be the next Atif Aslam or Arijit Singh.

5. Be a dubbing artist

Film making!

Have you noticed the recent trend in film making? Since the release of Baahubali, every big budget movie is being released simultaneously in multiple languages in India.

Because of the pan India audience these days, every movie is being dubbed or remade in multiple languages. Baahubali, Drishyam, Kabir Singh are just a few examples.

With more films being dubbed in multiple languages, there obviously need to be more dubbing artists. People are constantly on the lookout for good voice that can match an actor's face.

Dubbing artists make a lot of money dubbing for movies.
Dubbing Artist

You can apply for a dubbing artist job for any movie or film production company, television serial company or even YouTube content creating companies.

Do not hesitate to apply if you think you have a great voice.

6. Start a podcast

Podcasting is the in-thing in today's internet world. Although, it hasn't picked up much in India yet, it is soon to blow up looking at the global trends.

Now podcasting has more to do with expertise on a topic than a good voice. But still, a good voice is a plus.

Podcasting is nothing but a series of audio files that users can listen to. You can talk on any topic you are passionate about, debate on topics, have a conversation with someone, deliver a monologue or even give an opinion on something.

Podcasting is yet to pick up in India but the market looks ready.

If your podcasts are interesting enough, the viewers will flock in.

EIC and SnG Comedy on Youtube have some good podcasts on their channel. Do check them out.

The good thing about podcasting is that you can do it as a video or just an audio based on the platform you are using. All you need is a microphone.


If you think or know you have a great voice, there is no reason why you can't make money out of it especially in India in 2020. Go out there and exercise your voice.

If you have any more suggestions to make a career out of a good voice, post it in the comments below.


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