Job scenario in India: How the word “career” has limited horizons

Engineering graduates and the curious case of unemployment
Did you know, 1.5 million (15 lakh) engineers graduate every year in India? With every coming year, the number only keeps increasing. Most by any country. But if you think that is an astonishing statistic, wait till I tell you one more. 33% of these 1.5 million i.e. around 5 lakh of them end up unemployed. Astounding, isn’t it? Even, 60% of those who manage to get a job, do not enjoy their jobs. Like most other students, they victims of succumbing to peer pressure. They’ve chosen this career path because their parents, friends, relatives and close ones have suggested so.

Funny story: 
Mom 1 and Mom 2.
Mom 1: What is your son doing these days?
Mom 2: He owns a software company in California.
Mom 1: I see.
Mom 2: What is your son doing?
Mom 1: He is working in Infosys.
Mom 2: Wow, that’s great.
Mom 1: Yes it is. Why don’t you ask your son to join Infosys too? I’m sure he’ll crack the interview!
Mom 2: ?!?!

I’m not saying getting into Infosys is a bad career option. I’m not even saying that one should move to US for better career opportunities. All I’m saying is that most of us absolutely ignorant about the opportunities we can have. I mean, the career benchmark in India is a “Project Manager at Infosys or TCS”. While being a Project Manager at such prestigious organizations is good, one must realize that there are other avenues to discover too.

Choosing a career path that you like
When I was working a few years back, I never realized what I was doing was something I really liked. Most of my friends and a few of my colleagues would constantly crib about ‘how they are tired of the rat race’, ‘Monday morning blues’, ‘how they aren’t being paid well’ etc. While I was being paid much less than them, I actually loved my job. It was exciting to wake up in the morning and looking forward to go to the office. Expecting new challenges on the job and feeling enthusiastic to overcome them. That was the nature of my job. Why? Because I had chosen a career that I took interest in. Although, it was only after I quit, I realized that.

It gave me a lot of benefits. I was never fatigued or tired. I was always enthusiastic. My productivity was always 100% and I never had quarrels with colleagues or bosses because we were working for a common objective: the company goals.

There are hundreds of career opportunities out there
In the last few years, India has produced more Engineers than it has produced job opportunities. We are facing a classic scenario of more supply and less demand. But what we fail to realize is that there are hundreds of other career opportunities just lying out there. If you are a skilled photographer, try a photography job. If you are a good programmer, try a challenging programming job. If you are a good sportsperson, pursue your career in sports. In short, assess your strengths and skills and choose a career that makes use of your skills and strengths.

With the recent overhaul of the government, it has only become easier to pursue your dream rather than eyeing a boring 9 to 5 which you despise. Eye for a career where you can showcase your skills. Where you like working as well as stay competitive. If taking orders from higher rungs of the ladder is not your cup of tea, then you can always pursue freelancing or start your own business. You can also pursue tons of online jobs that are usually not pursued by most.

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