How to earn money online with absolutely zero skills

Many people I know have mastered the art of leveraging their skills to earn money online. But how many do you know who can make money without having any established set of skills? You don’t think there would be any? Well, you are wrong.

In the few years of freelancing, I’ve come across a few (more than a few in fact) people who have absolutely nailed the business of earning money online without any skill. You would expect someone to code websites, write content, create designs, make illustrations, sing songs, dub voices, design interfaces or perform micro-jobs to earn a few bucks. But what if I told you that making money online doesn’t require all these skills?

Here are some examples of people who’ve made loads of money online doing something almost everyone on earth can do.

Climbing a coconut tree for $5
Meet Mr. Funnymad. From what I know, he is the most hilarious seller on Fiverr or in that case, anywhere on the internet. Mr. Funnymad doesn’t code websites, doesn’t draw designs, doesn’t write content or any other thing you might expect one to do as a freelancer. You know what he does? He climbs coconut trees for a living. And guess what? People pay him to do that. Apart from climbing coconut trees, he sings birthday songs for his clients, promotes their brand or companymessages by writing them on his belly, catches ‘fishes’ with a message from a natural stream of water and dances like a jungle man. That’s all. All he has to do is record a video of it and send it to his client.
Estimated earnings till date: ₹15 lakhs

Make someone’s wish come true by meditation
Have you ever come across a palmist telling horoscopes on the street side? Or the tarot card reader who tells your future by the type of card you pick up? Well, those things are not limited to the street these days. Gabonne, a top tier seller on fiverr, makes his living by uncursing people online. Some of his other acts include provide positive energy to his client, make one’s wish come true, send someone a healing mantra or even send someone a Buddhist monk’s chant. While we cannot confirm if his acts really work, one thing we can assure you is that his clients have given him absolutely raving reviews. He is also one of the highest rated sellers in the bizarre category.
Estimated earnings till date:  ₹ 14.5 lakhs

That’s not it. There are many others who earn money online from bizarre activities. Being your girlfriend for a day, Jesus sending you a video message, impersonating famous celebrities, blowing balloons until they pop, making fonts out of your handwriting and taking pictures of oneself are some of them. And they are not there just to have fun. Remember that while they have fun doing their job, they are also earning thousands of dollars every day.

So, you think you have a talent that will make people laugh? Or some bizarre skill that rarely anyone else would have? Doesn’t matter if it is not the usual coding or writing. If you know how to sell your talent, you are in for a treat.

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