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How to lead a wealthy life through blogging?

Regular 9 to 5 jobs can be absolutely hectic. And did I mention boring? Yes, they can be. Picture yourself working your butt off morning to evening with no respite and a meagre income. All for what? For someone else who is making the money? I feel ya. I’ve been there. While I used to like my job, I can’t really say that I was satisfied with it. If you find yourself in the same place, then I can tell you there are better alternatives for you. No, I’m not asking you to quit your job. I’m not even asking you to take a break and experiment other avenues.

All you need to do is invest some time. Take out some time, say a couple of hours during the weekends, from your regular schedule and find an interest. Can you do that? Yes? Great! Then in a few months’ time, you’ll be swimming in cash without putting too many efforts. And the best thing is that, in the process, you’ll find your passion. Something you’ll look forward to going to day in and day out. But of course, you must put in a little, just a little hard work initially. And I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Here’s what you have to do. Find a passion and start blogging about it. Do you have a specific interest in sports? Or do you have the passion to teach something, say music or dance? Or maybe like to watch movies or serials and contemplate about them? Or even discuss the latest fashion trends? Then start blogging about them. Study about the specific topic about your blog and post regularly. If you do it passionately enough over a period of time, you are sure to find a good viewership. And you know who likes websites with good viewership? That’s right, Google! Google will start paying you to show ads on your blog. And every time someone clicks on those ads, you know what you get. Money!

I’ve been a blogger for five years now and I know this works. But this post is not about me. Let’s talk about people who’ve grown white hair doing this. And now they’re vacationing in Europe without having to worry about ‘monthly salaries’. These are people who have started from scratch and turned their blogs into a money making machine that makes them more money in a day than any 9 to 5 job would in a month. More importantly, they love doing what they do. They have found a passion in blogging about their favorite stuff. Here are the five richest bloggers in India.

1. Anand Khandse
$72000 / month

2. Amit Agarwal
$52000 / month

3. Malini Agarwal
$30000 / month

4. Faisal Farooqui
$100000 / month

5. Rohit Saha
$25000 / month

So, what are you waiting for? Start blogging today! Have fun blogging. Feel free to write to me for any help.


  1. Holy shit! I think I need to start blogging. That sure will cover my dues. :P

    1. It sure will Jason. Good luck. Let me know how it turned out. :)


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