Successful Freelancing With Fiverr | Overcoming the 'No Sale' conundrum - 103

If you are reading this, I'll assume that you are yet to land your first client on Fiverr. If that's the case, not to worry at all. This blog will address the next course of action and if possible by the end of this week, you'll have your first client. When you want to achieve something, you can wait for the opportunity to come your way or do something about it. I for one believe in the latter. So today, instead of just waiting around for clients, lets take our efforts to the next level. Here are some more suggestions for you. But before reading further, I suggest you to go through my previous blog posts.

Brand yourself
When you are starting Fiverr, you must realize that there hundreds of other people like you. Amongst all the clutter, it becomes crucial that you stand out from the crowd. One way to do that is to brand yourself. Like every company needs branding, like every celebrity needs branding, every seller on Fiverr also needs branding. How do you brand yourself?

You can always start by putting up a profile picture of yours that captures your personality as well as gives your potential clients a warm feeling. A smiling pic in a suit works very well. But in case you don't have a suit, just a smiling pic will do. Also, add a professional video of you talking to the camera explaining the gig. Now when I say 'professional', you don't need a thousand dollar camera and huge team behind you. Just a simple video with you talking in front of the camera will do. Be persuasive and clearly explain why they should choose you.

To stand out from the herd, you can always brand yourself claiming to be the first at something. Did you hear the first 'witch' on Fiverr? Did you hear about the first 'Fiver girlfriend'? Well you could be the first in your category. Say, if you are a photo editing professional, why not brand yourself as 'Fiverr's first ever photo manipulating emperor'? If you master the art of differentiating yourself from the crowd, you will have a better success rate on Fiverr.

Enhance your profile
Consider a sculpture under creation. At a certain stage, one might be able to guess what it is but a lot of intricate details still have to be added. A lot of carvings, chiseling and shaping to make it look exactly like what it is intended to be. Your Fiverr profile is very similar. It needs some more chiseling to make it perfect. Here are things you could do to 'chisel' your profile to perfection.

Use the right tags for gigs - It is extremely important that your gig shows up in the exact same category it is intended to be. A writing gig cannot show up in a category of 'web development'. For this to happen, make sure you use the right tags for your gigs. Tag a 'blog writing' gig with 'blog writing' and 'web content' and NOT 'creative writing'. The more precise you are, the better.

Add your portfolio - At the risk of sounding arrogant, you have to promote yourself as much as possible. This can be done by putting up your portfolio on your gigs. If you are a designer, put up jpeg files of your work. If you are a powerpoint maker, put up some ppt samples. If you are a writer, put up some of your text samples. The idea is to NOT shy away from showcasing your skills. Good thing about Fiverr is that it gives you the option of showcasing your work and also helps the buyer make a buying decision. A win-win situation.

Use the 'buyer request' feature
Find the 'buyer requests' feature under the 'selling' tab on your profile. For a first time user, this is the most important feature Fiverr has to offer. On this page, you'll find various buyers offering work for money. Go through the list and send offers to those you see fit. Do not worry about the already existing offers. Just go ahead and make them an offer they cannot refuse. Be competitive and don't hesitate to work for fewer bucks initially. You get to use 10 offers a day which is not bad. Make sure that you don't stop at 10. Come back the next day and send 10 more.

Note: If it is any help, it took me about 120 pitches to get my first client.

Send private messages to experienced buyers
I recently picked up a very effective tip from one of my fellow Fiverr members and a very good friend of mine. Search for top gigs in your category. Go to their gig page and scroll down for reviews. The people who have reviewed are obviously your potential clients. There is a high chance that they are looking for more of such similar services. Go to their profile and introduce yourself. Give them a solid reason why they should work for you. You could offer a better service for maybe the same price your competitors are offering. Or maybe even less. Your goal is to land your first client.

Keep an eye on the analytics
Under the 'selling' tab on your profile, there is another option called 'My Gigs'. The page will show you the data on your active gigs in numbers. Here, you'll see five columns in front of each of your gigs - Impressions, clicks, views, orders and cancellations. The first three columns are to be kept an eye on. As long as there is a green arrow in front of each of these numbers, smile because you are heading northward and a sale is on the cards. If you happen to see a red arrow, something is wrong. What should be done when you see a red arrow, I will explain in detail in a blog post sometime later. But for now, follow my instructions and you will be on the right track to success.

I can't stress enough that getting your first sale on Fiverr may take some time. As it is synonymous with success in any other field. If you are striving for success, you gotta be patient. It will eventually come. Anyway, thank you for reading my blogs. We'll meet again next week with some more tips on your take off as a successful Fiverr freelancer. Until then have a good Fiverr experience and BE ACTIVE on Fiverr. As always, drop me a message if you have any questions.