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Hello everyone! I'm Mani, Freelance Digital Marketer from Chennai. Thanks for dropping by to know more about me.

Who am I?
I'm a twenty-something Indian born in a Telugu family. We moved to Gujarat soon after my birth and have been moving all over India ever since. Hence, calling myself an Indian and more often than not boasting of being a polyglot. (Yep, I know FIVE languages, no big deal!)

I like to write, sing, compose music, read, play guitar and design. I like to kick and punch the air when Dhoni hits a six. I like to scream and sing when Liverpool wins a game. I like to gobble up Maggi at 2 AM. I like to explore the various ways of making money.

What’s my story? 
When I was 21, I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. A transplant was done and I was back to normal. But with great disease came great restrictions. :P I quit my job. I had no idea what to do with my career. Add to that, fifteen hours of dialysis every week. I was physically and mentally drained. A friend of mine one day advised me to try freelancing. While I browsed the internet for freelancing options, I realized there are not one, not two but thousands of work from home options. And not just any work. I could earn more than I ever made doing a regular 9 to 5 job. Since that day, I’ve been freelancing and have made hundreds of clients online. But more importantly, I love working from home and have a consistent stream of income much more than my previous job.

What is this blog?
This blog is a result of my freelancing experience and the various money earning methods I have discovered. All the posts on this blog are tried and tested either by me, my associates, colleagues, friends or other freelancers. So you can completely count on it. How exactly I started, how to keep going, how to get more clients etc. and more will be discussed here.

Why should you start freelancing?
I believe that everyone should be financially sound. One should not rely on a single source of income whether you are in a job or a business, unless you are a big shot already. Having multiple streams of income is as necessary as having a balanced diet. You can live on a bowl of cereal all your life but will it be worth it? So, if you are making
40K a month, add an extra
20K working from home on weekends. When recession strikes and your boss “let’s you go”, you can hold your head up high and walk out. Later, you go home, bump up your efforts and make more money than the job ever gave you.

May I ask you a favour?
I love to hear from people. Yes, I do. So, if you have any questions regarding freelancing or starting a business, go ahead and ask me. Feel free to contact me at mani (dot) gmrit (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a comment on the blog. I can be reached on Facebook, Twitter and Quora as well. Even if you have any personal questions to ask me, take the liberty. Ask away!


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